Because Every Pair of Pants Needs a "Snack Sack"…

by Jenny Hansen You know, they just don’t make things like they used to… That’s something I never thought I’d say. But, really, when it comes to clothing, this is so very true. Anyone who has bought a pair of jeans in [...]

How To Cheat on Your Hair Stylist: In 5 Easy Steps

Let’s start today with an excerpt from Paige’s Big Book of Beauty: Hair and Back Again, A Mole’s Tale Beauty Secret #1 …”Trim hair, at least once, between pregnancies.” An entire year had passed before I [...]

"Chocolate Philosophy" Made Simple…

by Jenny Hansen Chocolate is practically a religious experience for my husband’s family, especially dark chocolate. See’s Dark Nuts & Chews, dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s, and the ever-popular Dove Dark Chocolate [...]

Can We Just Try This Day…Ok, WEEK, AGAIN?

So this past Friday Saturday, I stagger out of bed, exhausted (we’d been passing around a toddler stomach bug for the previous week) and I drink three cups of coffee just to be able to SEE straight. Being the AWESOME, sweet, loving, [...]

10 Creative Ways To Express Your Inner F-Bomb

Creative Swearing for Parents (and other Swearers) by Jenny Hansen My 2 year-old is starting to repeat everything I say and well…I don’t really want her to say some of those words. I swear when things aren’t going smoothly. I think everyone [...]

The Top Ten Reasons To Love Beer

I suppose, today, I could wax eloquently, and pretend we didn’t put every last effort into potty training this weekend, subsequently draining our will to live, but let’s just jump into the list instead…. 1.) If you put underwear [...]

Date Night Magic: A Review

  I’m over the moon right now. Not only is the hot coffee I’m drinking actually hot, and my leopard-print robe passably clean to wear another day, but the reviews are in. After I cheated on my hair stylist this past Saturday, [...]

Low Down, Dirty Dog In My Sheets

You know what my favorite part of the day is? Besides the kids going to bed. Yes, drinking my token beer before jumping on Twitter is great, but besides that. No, no, no. You’re right, trying to reach that one spot on your back, with [...]

I'm Only Doing A Top Ten Because No One Thought of It…

I’m glad you’re here. As it happens, I was deciding on whether to eat the twins’ leftover pancake, or treat myself to something really special and eat an entire bag of mini doughnuts. But if I stop typing, I’ll be eating. [...]

Send It by Certifiable Mail

The spirit of the season has finally crept up on me. I’m not saying it’s OK to sneak up on me. It’s not. I startle easily, have no bladder control left, and only keep one extra pair of pants on standby. They’re not even [...]