Revving Up for NASCAR 2013 Season


NASCAR Racing at a Super Speedway coming to the Start/Finish Line
(photo courtesy of Morguefile.com)

The design of the race cars themselves has been changed and the either “Love it or Hate It” Car of Tomorrow is now just a memory. What is going to be raced now is the ‘Generation Six’ which along with having a more everyday recognizable due to design tweaks, has displayed in Daytona early testing to be more ‘aero.’ That combination should result in more exciting racing. Now that new car is able to be tested on active tracks, with the same tires for a total of 4 times per organization. The past provisions would limit the teams to test on non-active tracks with different tires. But the teams were at an advantage with 4 tests each.
Talking about the teams, there has been changes as well. Joey Logano is with Penske racing. He has only had little success with one race win as well as not making the chase during his career. He should have better results with the reigning champion Brad Keselowski being his teammate. Matt Kenseth will take his place Joe Gibbs Racing spot that Lagano has vacated. Matt will join a very covet-able stable that will have Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin.

Everything is going to change over and over and over again. Exciting things are going to happen and there will be racing like we have never seen before due to the constant flux of NASCAR. I have been waiting for the start of this year as much as anyone and the waiting are almost over. Join me as I follow the on-goings in the Sport we have missed all winter. You can almost hear the words now …………..”Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines”

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