The Adventures of Chicken Kim Jong Un Little–Intelligence Update

The following is an updated excerpt from The North Korean Sky is Falling by Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes, published at Bayard & Holmes on Monday, April 1. By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes North Korea has been developing a missile [...]

Our Turkish Allies–Now We See Them, Now We Don't

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes As we looked at last Wednesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent visit to Turkey highlights the tensions between our two countries. (See Turkey–America’s Special Frenemy) In the long [...]

Special Frenemies–Secretary of State John Kerry Visits Turkey

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent visit to Turkey has momentarily brought US-Turkish relations to the forefront of US foreign affairs news. Days before Kerry’s visit, Turkish Prime Minister Recep [...]

More Groping, Less Education, and a Fire Tzar. Where Will This Sequestering End?

By Piper Bayard Just released! Holmes and I used our special connections (a telephone call to each other for a snark session) to uncover the White House plans for dealing with the new $85 billion budget cuts. This is what we discovered. The [...]

Two Lines in the Sand

The Mexican/American War, Part III By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes When President Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor to occupy and defend Texas up to the border of the Rio Grande, he was utilizing a well-defined line in the sand to demark [...]

Don’t Cry for Me, California

Mexican/American War, Part II By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes We remember the Mexican-American War as a fight between the USA and Mexico. However, the UK and France were directly involved in the region, as well. France and Great Britain [...]

Illegal Immigrants Raise Havoc on the US Border

The Mexican/American War, Part I By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* In 1820, the Mexican government offered a land grant to Moses Austin that encompassed an area about half the size of modern-day Texas. In return, Austin was to finance the [...]

Top Ten Ways to Keep a Retired Pope Busy

By Piper Bayard and Kristen Lamb It seems the Vatican has a rather rare conundrum on its hands. What to do with a retired pope? Popes generally don’t retire. In fact, Benedict XVI is the first to do so in around 600 years. And when they do [...]

Egypt's President Morsi–Crocodiles on the Left and Leopards on the Right

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes Today, from the Western point of view, we see continuing strife in Egypt centered on the basic issue of theocracy vs. democracy. The simple interpretation of that strife indicates that Egyptian President [...]

Ask a Law Professor–Is America Headed Toward Firearms Confiscation?

By Piper Bayard Currently, a great deal of misinformation is firing throughout the Cyberverse about gun control. Tempers flaring, insults flying, and people “unfriending” those who state even the barest, most uncontested facts from any source [...]