Syrian Sound and Fury—Update by Intelligence Operative Holmes

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes Things have accelerated in Syria during the last six months—things such as the death rate and the refugee crisis, which have increased alarmingly. Putting a number on the death toll is not easy. The various [...]

The Iraq War—Ten Years Later

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes Ten years ago this week, a US led coalition invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein. While it is still a bit too soon to see the long term prospects for the post-Saddam Iraq, we have enough hindsight to make [...]

Doesn’t Take a Weatherman to Predict This Attack

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes In the War on Terror, one of the most obvious targets in the United States is our nation’s iconic Capitol building. What if a terrorist group managed to detonate a bomb there? If terrorists did manage to [...]

Two Lines in the Sand

The Mexican/American War, Part III By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes When President Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor to occupy and defend Texas up to the border of the Rio Grande, he was utilizing a well-defined line in the sand to demark [...]

Don’t Cry for Me, California

Mexican/American War, Part II By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes We remember the Mexican-American War as a fight between the USA and Mexico. However, the UK and France were directly involved in the region, as well. France and Great Britain [...]

Illegal Immigrants Raise Havoc on the US Border

The Mexican/American War, Part I By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* In 1820, the Mexican government offered a land grant to Moses Austin that encompassed an area about half the size of modern-day Texas. In return, Austin was to finance the [...]

Farmers and Shopkeepers Raise H*** in a Cow Pen

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* January 17 marked the 231st anniversary of one of the most important days in US history. The date came and went unnoticed by most of the country, but West Point cadets and their military history instructors [...]

Iran's Present is Iran's Past – Part VII, The Hostage Crisis and Operation Eagle Claw

As an intelligence operative, I need a good foundation in history to do my job. After all, if we don’t understand what happened in the past, we can’t understand what is happening today or why. This series outlines Iran’s past as we move [...]